Each benefit will have different rules about who can claim and how much support they will receive. Some benefits will take into consideration how much money you earn and your savings.

In some cases, claiming a certain benefit may also mean that you can no longer receive another benefit, or may result in you receiving less money. It is always a good idea to read the details carefully and to seek professional advice before claiming a benefit in case it will affect the other support you receive.

Get support with claiming benefits from your local Citizen's Advice Bureau (CAB). Find your nearest branch on the CAB website.

Remember to tell Jobcentre Plus or your benefits officer if your circumstances change.

There are various circumstances that could affect the benefits that you receive, for example, getting married, moving house or getting a new job. If your situation changes it is important to tell the Jobcentre Plus or your benefits officer so they can make sure you continue to receive the right amount of support.

Visit the gov.uk website for more information on how changes in your circumstances can affect the benefits you receive

If you think a decision is wrong you can appeal.

If you think a decision about benefits is wrong you can request a review or appeal.

Find out more about the appeal process on the gov.uk website

Find out about other sources of support.

In addition to benefits and assessments, there are other sources of support available for families with children with a learning disability.

The Social Fund can provide lump sums of money, grants or loans to people under certain circumstances.
The Independent Living Fund provides financial support for disabled people to allow them to live more independently.
The Family Fund provides grants to families in the UK caring for severely disabled children.

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